Changing Your Password / Switching Your (Session) Role / Logging Out

User menu in the Snowflake web interface

From the dropdown menu next to your login name in the upper right, you can:

  • Change your password.

  • Change your access role for the current session in the web interface (if you have more than one role assigned). This role determines the objects you can see and the tasks you can perform in the interface. Note that changing your role here does not impact the individual worksheets you open in the web interface; each worksheet has it’s own session and, therefore, can have a different role. For more information about access roles and object privileges, see Access Control in Snowflake.

  • Close your current session and log out of the interface.


    When you log out of the interface, Snowflake cancels any queries that have not yet completed.

In addition, you can use this dropdown menu to manage your user preferences. For more details, see Managing Your User Preferences.