ODBC Driver

Snowflake provides a driver for connecting to Snowflake using ODBC-based client applications. Snowflake provides platform-specific versions of the driver for download for the following platforms:


Supported Versions

Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)

  • Windows 7 or higher.

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher.


  • OS X v10.12 or higher.

Linux (64-bit)

  • CentOS 6 or higher.

  • RHEL 6 or higher.

  • Ubuntu 14 or higher.


The ODBC driver has different prerequisites depending on the platform where it is installed. For details, see the individual installation and configuration instructions for each platform.

In addition, version 2.17.5 (and higher) of the ODBC driver supports the following tasks:

  • Using the PUT command to upload local data files on a client machine to an internal (i.e. Snowflake) stage.

  • using the GET command to download data from a Snowflake table to files in an internal (i.e. Snowflake) stage.

However, this functionality is currently not supported for Snowflake accounts hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Use SnowSQL (CLI Client) or the JDBC Driver instead.

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