Overview of Key Features

This topic lists the notable/significant features supported in the current release. Note that it does not list every feature provided by Snowflake.

In this Topic:

Security and Data Protection

Standard and Extended SQL Support

Tools and Interfaces


Data Import and Export

  • Support for bulk loading and unloading data into/out of tables, including:
    • Load any data that uses a supported character encoding.
    • Load data from compressed files.
    • Load most flat, delimited data files (CSV, TSV, etc.).
    • Load data files in JSON, Avro, ORC, Parquet, and XML format.
    • Load from S3 data sources and local files using Snowflake web interface or command line client.
  • Support for continuous bulk loading data from files:
    • Use Snowpipe to load data in micro-batches from internal stages (i.e. within Snowflake) or external stages (i.e. in S3 or Azure).

Data Sharing

  • Support for securely sharing data with other Snowflake accounts:
    • Provide data to other accounts to consume.
    • Consume data provided by other accounts.