Cloud Platforms

Snowflake is provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that runs completely on cloud infrastructure. A Snowflake account can be created on either of the following cloud platforms:

This means that the compute, storage and services layers in Snowflake’s architecture are hosted entirely on either cloud platform. If your organization’s other cloud services are already hosted on either AWS or Microsoft Azure, the choice of platform can be straightforward.


Snowflake on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform is currently in open preview. Some features and services are currently not available. For more information, see Features and Services Currently Unavailable with Microsoft Azure Hosting in this topic.

In this Topic:

Data Loading

Load data from files staged in any of the following locations regardless of the cloud platform for your Snowflake account:

  • Internal (i.e. Snowflake) stages
  • Amazon S3
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

Snowflake supports both bulk data loading and continuous data loading (Snowpipe).

Likewise, Snowflake supports unloading data from tables into any of the above staging locations.

For more information, see Loading Data in Snowflake.


Differences in unit costs for credits and data storage are calculated by geographical region and not by cloud provider. For more information about pricing as it pertains to a specific region, see the pricing page (in the Snowflake website).

Features and Services Currently Unavailable with Microsoft Azure Hosting

We aim to provide the same Snowflake experience regardless of the cloud platform provider customers choose; however, the following services and features are currently unavailable with Snowflake accounts hosted on Azure:

Area Feature
Snowflake Regions
  • Initially, Azure hosting is offered exclusively in the East US 2 region, with Snowflake deployments in additional regions to follow. Data files stored in any region in Azure Blob Storage (or in AWS S3) can be loaded into tables in a Snowflake account.
Security and Data Encryption
  • HIPAA or SOC2 compliance. Currently, compliance is limited to PCI only.
  • Encryption with customer-managed keys (AKA Tri-Secret Secure).
  • Secure connectivity to customer-owned virtual networks similar to AWS PrivateLink.
Data Dictionary
Data Loading
  • Accessing an external AWS S3 stage using policies attached to an IAM role.
Resource Monitors
  • Alert notifications via email. Notifications are currently available via the web interface only.
Partner Applications
  • Limited partner application support. As part of the preview, the following Snowflake partners have been provided with Azure accounts and are testing connectivity and feature support. To verify the current status of application support for Snowflake on Azure, contact the individual partner directly:

    • Ab Initio
    • Attunity
    • Informatica
    • Matillion
    • Paxata
    • Qubole
    • Talend

    Note that the native Snowflake clients all support Snowflake on Azure.