Overview of the Ecosystem

Snowflake works with a wide array of industry-leading tools and technologies, enabling you to access Snowflake through an extensive network of connectors, drivers, programming languages, and utilities, including:

  • Snowflake-provided client software: SnowSQL (CLI), Python, Node.js, JDBC, ODBC, etc.
  • Certified partners who have developed cloud and on-premises solutions for connecting to Snowflake, either natively or through our JDBC and ODBC drivers.
  • Other 3rd-party tools and technologies that are known to work with Snowflake.

These connection options are organized into the following general usage categories.

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If you need to connect to Snowflake using a tool or technology that is not listed in these topics, we suggest first attempting to connect through our JDBC or ODBC drivers. These drivers provide general, multi-purpose connection functionality for most tools and technologies that support JDBC/ODBC.

In addition, you are not limited to working with these solutions. Other solutions can be used with Snowflake; however, we cannot guarantee that all features provided by these solutions are supported and will operate without issue.