Advanced Analytics / Data Science

Often referred to as data science or “Big Data”, advanced analytics covers a broad category of vendors, tools, and technologies that provide advanced capabilities for statistical and predictive modeling. While these tools and technologies often share some overlapping features and functionality with BI tools, they are less focused on analyzing/reporting on past data. Instead, they focus more on examining large data sets to discover patterns and uncover useful business information that can be used to predict future trends.

Snowflake is known to inter-operate with the following advanced analytic platforms and technologies:

Solution Connection Type Version / Installation Requirements Additional Information
Alteryx ODBC
  • Alteryx: Analytics 11.5 (or higher)
  • Snowflake: ODBC Driver — 32-bit or 64-bit (download from the Snowflake web interface)
dplyr N/A (R extension)
  • dplyr: 0.4.3
  • Snowflake: dplyr extension, v0.1.1 — available via dplyr-snowflakedb (GitHub)
Dataiku JDBC
  • Dataiku: DSS
  • Snowflake: No requirements
Pyramid Analytics JDBC
  • Pyramid: 2018
  • Snowflake: No requirements
Qubole JDBC
  • Qubole: Enterprise Edition
  • Snowflake: No requirements
R Language JDBC or ODBC
Apache Spark JDBC