Data Loading

Snowflake supports bulk import (i.e. loading) of data from one or more files into a table in Snowflake databases using the COPY command. Snowflake also supports loading limited amounts of data through the web interface.

Snowflake supports the following file formats for data loading:

  • Any flat, delimited plain text format (comma-separated values, tab-separated values, etc.).
  • Semi-structured data in JSON, Avro, ORC, Parquet, or XML format (XML is currently supported as a preview feature).

As data is loaded, Snowflake converts the data into an optimized internal format for efficient storage, maintenance, and retrieval.

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Before you begin Overview of Data Loading
  Summary of Data Loading Features
  Data Loading Considerations
Preparing to load Preparing to Load Data
Using COPY to load data Bulk Loading from a Local File System Using COPY
  Bulk Loading from Amazon S3 Using COPY
  Bulk Loading from Microsoft Azure Using COPY
Using Snowpipe to load data Loading Continuously Using Snowpipe
Using the Interface to load data Loading Using the Web Interface (Limited)
Querying or transforming staged data Querying Staged Data
  Querying Metadata for Staged Files
  Transforming Data During a Load