Data Loading Tutorials

The following tutorials provide examples you can follow as you learn to load data into Snowflake:

In this Topic:

Using These Tutorials

Practice Database and/or Schema

For convenience and to avoid mixing your data, we recommend that you create a separate database and/or schema for completing practice exercises, including Snowflake tutorials. Make certain to grant the USAGE privilege on a practice database and schema to any roles whose members will follow the tutorials. Also grant the following schema privileges, which are required to create specific objects in the schema:


Also, each of these tutorials requires an active warehouse to load data and execute queries. Grant the following virtual warehouse privileges to the same role:


For example:

grant usage on database mydb to role analyst;

grant usage, create file format, create stage, create table on schema mydb.public to role analyst;

grant operate, usage on warehouse mywh to role analyst;

Usage Credits

Each tutorial requires an estimated 30 minutes or less to complete, with an average Snowflake credit usage of 1 credit for an X-Small warehouse.