Loading Data from a Local File System Using COPY

This set of topics describes how to use the COPY command to load data from a local file system into tables.

Data loading overview

As illustrated in the diagram above, loading data from a local file system is performed in two, separate steps:

  1. Upload (i.e. stage) one or more data files to a Snowflake stage using the PUT command.

  2. Use the COPY INTO table command to load the contents of the staged file(s) into a Snowflake database table.

    This step requires a running virtual warehouse that is also the current (i.e. in use) warehouse for the session. The warehouse provides the compute resources to perform the actual insertion of rows into the table.


The instructions in this set of topics assume you have read Preparing to Load Data and have created a named file format, if desired.


Before you begin, you may also want to read Data Loading Considerations for best practices, tips, and other guidance.

Configuration tasks (complete as needed):

Data loading tasks (complete for each set of files you load):