Loading Data Using SnowSQL

This set of topics describes how to use SnowSQL, the Snowflake command line interface (CLI), to perform these two tasks, as well as describes the configuration tasks associated with loading data.

The instructions apply to both structured data (e.g., CSV) and semi-structured data (e.g., JSON, Avro, ORC, Parquet, or XML).

Data loading is performed in two separate steps:

  1. Upload (i.e. stage) one or more data files into either an internal staging location (i.e. within Snowflake) or an external staging location. The method you use for staging the files depends on whether you are using an internal or external location.
  2. Load the contents of the staged file(s) into the target table.


Before you begin, you may also want to read Data Loading Considerations for best practices, tips, and other guidance. And, for complete examples that take you step-by-step through the data loading process, see any of the provided tutorials:

Configuration tasks (complete as needed):

Data loading tasks (complete for each set of files you load):