Introduction to the Snowflake Data Exchange

The Snowflake Data Exchange is a marketplace that utilizes Secure Data Sharing to connect providers of data and data services with consumers. Providers can list their data offerings for easy discovery and secure sharing. Consumers can discover data listings by category and, depending on the listing type, either receive the standard share or request a personalized share.

What Can I Do in the Data Exchange?

Once you join the Snowflake Data Exchange:

  • As a data provider, you can:

    • Publish freemium datasets to generate new opportunities among the Snowflake customer base.

    • Share your data securely and in real-time without having to create copies of the data.

  • As a data consumer, you can:

    • Discover and try alternative data sources.

    • Get real-time data that you can combine with your existing data in Snowflake to derive new business insights.

    • Instantly consume data without having to load and transform it.

    • Eliminate the costs of coding and maintaining various APIs.

    • Use the BI tools of your choice.


The Snowflake Data Exchange requires a full Snowflake account to provide or consume shared data; reader accounts are not supported.

How Do I Join/Access the Data Exchange?

At this time, the Data Exchange is not enabled by default. Both data providers and data consumers must request access via the Snowflake website.

Once enabled, the Data Exchange is accessible in the Snowflake web interface by clicking Data Exchange in the top menu:

Screenshot of the Data Exchange menu button