Introduction to Snowflake

These topics introduce the Snowflake architecture and basic features.

  • Key Concepts & Architecture

    Overview of Snowflake architecture and basic concepts.

  • Cloud Platforms

    Overview of the cloud computing platforms on which Snowflake is offered.

  • Snowflake Regions

    Description of the different geographic regions in which Snowflake is offered.

  • Snowflake Editions

    Description of the services and features included with each edition of Snowflake.

  • Overview of Key Features

    List of key/major features in the current release of Snowflake.

  • Overview of the Data Lifecycle

    Introduction to the main tasks (and corresponding SQL commands) for getting your data into Snowflake and then using it to perform queries and other SQL operations.

  • Continuous Data Protection

    Introduction to the powerful and unique features that Snowflake provides for ensuring your data is protected, secure, and available.