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Loading Data in Snowflake

Provides concepts and tasks for loading (i.e. importing) data into Snowflake database tables, as well as unloading (i.e. exporting) data from tables.

Data Loading Before you begin Overview of Data Loading
    Summary of Data Loading Features
    Data Loading Considerations
  Preparing to load Preparing to Load Data
  Loading data using COPY Loading Data from a Local File System Using COPY
    Loading Data from Amazon S3 Using COPY
    Loading Data from Microsoft Azure Using COPY
    Loading (Limited) Data Using the Web Interface
  Loading data using Snowpipe Loading Data Continuously Using Snowpipe
  Querying or transforming staged data Querying Staged Data
    Querying Metadata Columns
    Transforming Data During a Load
Data Unloading Before you begin Overview of Data Unloading
    Summary of Data Unloading Features
    Data Unloading Considerations
  Preparing to unload data Preparing to Unload Data
  Using COPY to unload data Unloading into a Snowflake Stage
    Unloading into Amazon S3
    Unloading into Microsoft Azure