This Information Schema view displays a row for each referential integrity constraint defined for the tables in the specified (or current) database.

For more information about referential integrity constraints, see Constraints.

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Column Name Data Type Description
CONSTRAINT_CATALOG TEXT Database that the constraint belongs to
CONSTRAINT_SCHEMA TEXT Schema that the constraint belongs to
CONSTRAINT_NAME TEXT Name of the constraint
TABLE_CATALOG TEXT Name of the database of the current table
TABLE_SCHEMA TEXT Name of the schema of the current table
TABLE_NAME TEXT Name of the current table
CONSTRAINT_TYPE TEXT Type of the constraint
IS_DEFERRABLE TEXT Whether evaluation of the constraint can be deferred
INITIALLY_DEFERRED TEXT Whether evaluation of the constraint is deferrable and initially deferred
ENFORCED TEXT Whether the constraint is enforced
COMMENT TEXT Comment for this constraint
CREATED TIMESTAMP_LTZ Creation time of the constraint
LAST_ALTERED TIMESTAMP_LTZ Last altered time of the constraint

Usage Notes

  • The view only displays objects for which the current role for the session has been granted access privileges.