This Information Schema view displays a row for each user-defined function (UDF) defined in the specified (or current) database.

For more information about UDFs, see UDFs (User-Defined Functions).


Column Name Data Type Description
FUNCTION_CATALOG TEXT Database which the function belongs to
FUNCTION_SCHEMA TEXT Schema which the function belongs to
FUNCTION_NAME TEXT Name of the function
FUNCTION_OWNER TEXT Name of the role that owns the function
ARGUMENT_SIGNATURE TEXT Type signature of the function’s arguments
DATA_TYPE TEXT Return value data type
CHARACTER_MAXIMUM_LENGTH NUMBER Maximum length in characters of string return value
CHARACTER_OCTET_LENGTH NUMBER Maximum length in bytes of string return value
NUMERIC_PRECISION NUMBER Numeric precision of numeric return value
NUMERIC_PRECISION_RADIX NUMBER Radix of precision of numeric return value
NUMERIC_SCALE NUMBER Scale of numeric return value
FUNCTION_LANGUAGE TEXT Language of the function
VOLATILITY TEXT Whether the function is volatile or immutable
IS_NULL_CALL TEXT Whether the function is called on null input
CREATED TIMESTAMP_LTZ Creation time of the function
LAST_ALTERED TIMESTAMP_LTZ Last altered time of the function
COMMENT TEXT Comment for this function

Usage Notes

  • The view only displays objects for which the current role for the session has been granted access privileges. The view does not honor the MANAGE GRANTS privilege and consequently may show less information compared to a SHOW command when both are executed by a user who holds the MANAGE GRANTS privilege.