Information Schema , Table Functions


This table function can be used in queries to return the hourly credit usage for a single warehouse (or all the warehouses in your account) within a specified date range.


This function returns credit usage within the last 6 months.

See also:


      DATE_RANGE_START => <constant_expr>
      [ , DATE_RANGE_END => <constant_expr> ]
      [ , WAREHOUSE_NAME => '<string>' ] )



DATE_RANGE_START => constant_expr
The starting date, within the last 6 months, for which warehouse usage is returned.


DATE_RANGE_END => constant_expr

The ending date, within the last 6 months, for which warehouse usage is returned.

Default: CURRENT_DATE is used.

WAREHOUSE_NAME => 'string'

The name of the warehouse to retrieve credit usage for. Note that the warehouse name must be enclosed in single quotes. Also, if the warehouse name any spaces, mixed-case characters, or special characters, the name must be double-quoted within the single quotes (e.g. '"My Warehouse"' vs 'mywarehouse').

Default: All warehouses that ran during the specified date range.

Usage Notes

  • Returns results only for the ACCOUNTADMIN role or any role that has been explicitly granted the MONITOR USAGE global privilege.
  • When calling an Information Schema table function, the session must have an INFORMATION_SCHEMA schema in use or the function name must be fully-qualified. For more details, see Information Schema.
  • The order and structure of the arguments depends on whether the argument keywords (e.g. DATE_RANGE_START) are included:
    • The keywords are not required if the arguments are specified in order.
    • If the argument keywords are included, the arguments can be specified in any order.


The function returns the following columns, ordered by WAREHOUSE_NAME and START_TIME:

Column Name Data Type Description
START_TIME TIMESTAMP_LTZ The beginning of the hour in which this warehouse usage took place.
END_TIME TIMESTAMP_LTZ The end of the hour in which this warehouse usage took place.
WAREHOUSE_NAME TEXT Name of the warehouse.
CREDITS_USED NUMBER Number of credits billed for this warehouse in this hour.


Retrieve hourly warehouse usage over the past 10 days for all warehouses that ran during this time period:

select *
from table(information_schema.warehouse_metering_history(dateadd('days',-10,current_date())));

Retrieve hourly warehouse usage for the testingwh warehouse on a specified date:

select *
from table(information_schema.warehouse_metering_history('2017-10-23', '2017-10-23', 'testingwh'));