Information Schema , Table Functions


This table function can be used to query the average daily data storage usage, in bytes, for all the Snowflake stages in your account within a specified date range. The output will include storage for:

  • Named internal stages.
  • Default staging areas (for tables and users).


This function returns stage storage usage within the last 6 months.

See also:


      [ DATE_RANGE_START => <constant_expr> ]
      [, DATE_RANGE_END => <constant_expr> ] )


All the arguments are optional.

DATE_RANGE_START => constant_expr , . DATE_RANGE_END => constant_expr

The date range, within the last 6 months, for which to retrieve stage storage usage:

  • If an end date is not specified, then CURRENT_DATE is used as the end of the range.
  • If a start date is not specified, then DATE_RANGE_END is used as the start of the range (i.e. the default is one day of storage usage).

If the range falls outside the last 6 months, an error is returned.

Usage Notes

  • Returns results only for the ACCOUNTADMIN role or any role that has been explicitly granted the MONITOR USAGE global privilege.
  • When calling an Information Schema table function, the session must have an INFORMATION_SCHEMA schema in use or the function name must be fully-qualified. For more details, see Information Schema.


The function returns the following columns:

Column Name Data Type Description
USAGE_DATE DATE Date of this storage usage record
AVERAGE_STAGE_BYTES NUMBER Number of bytes of stage storage used


Retrieve average daily storage usage for the past 10 days for all internal stages in your account:

select *
from table(information_schema.stage_storage_usage_history(dateadd('days',-10,current_date()),current_date()));