String Functions (Regular Expressions)


Returns true if the subject matches the specified pattern. Both inputs must be text expressions.


RLIKE (2nd syntax)

See also String Functions (Regular Expressions).


<subject> REGEXP <pattern>

Usage Notes

  • The function implicitly anchors a pattern at both ends (i.e. '' automatically becomes '^$', and 'ABC' automatically becomes '^ABC$'). To match any string starting with ABC, the pattern would be 'ABC.*'.

  • For more usage notes, see the General Usage Notes for regular expression functions.

Collation Details

Arguments with collation specifications are currently not supported.


-- Example setup
CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE rlike_test(city varchar(20));
INSERT INTO rlike_test VALUES ('Sacramento'), ('San Francisco'), ('San Jose');

-- Pattern matching with wildcards:
SELECT * FROM rlike_test WHERE city REGEXP 'San* [fF].*';

| CITY          |
| San Francisco |