Scalar Functions

This document provides links to the system-defined scalar functions, grouped by category.

A scalar function is a function that returns one value per invocation; in most cases, you can think of this as returning one value per row. This contrasts with Aggregate Functions, which return one value per group of rows.

Category Description
Bitwise Expression Functions Perform bitwise operations on expressions.
Conditional Expression Functions Manipulate conditional expressions.
Context Functions Provide contextual information about the current environment, session, and object.
Conversion Functions Convert expressions from one data type to another data type.
Data Generation Functions Generate random or sequential values.
Date & Time Functions Manipulate dates, times, and timestamps.
Numeric Functions Perform rounding, truncation, exponent, root, logarithmic, and trigonometric operations on numeric values.
Semi-structured Data Functions Work with semi-structured data (JSON, Avro, etc.).
String & Binary Functions Manipulate and transform string input.
String Functions (Regular Expressions) Subset of strings functions for performing operations on items that match a regular expression.
Utility & Hash Functions Hash values to signed 64-bit integers using a deterministic algorithm.