This Account Usage view can be used to query login attempts by Snowflake users within the last 365 days (1 year).

For details about the error codes/messages for login attempts that were unsuccessful due to invalid SAML responses, see SAML Error Codes.


Column Name Data Type Description
READER_ACCOUNT_NAME TEXT Name of the reader account for the user authentication event. Column only included in view in READER_ACCOUNT_USAGE schema.
EVENT_ID NUMBER Internal/system-generated identifier for the login attempt.
EVENT_TIMESTAMP TIMESTAMP_LTZ Time of the event occurrence.
EVENT_TYPE TEXT Event type, such as LOGIN for authentication events.
USER_NAME TEXT User associated with this event.
CLIENT_IP TEXT IP address where the request originated from.
REPORTED_CLIENT_TYPE TEXT Reported type of the client software, such as JDBC_DRIVER, ODBC_DRIVER, etc. This information is not authenticated.
REPORTED_CLIENT_VERSION TEXT Reported version of the client software. This information is not authenticated.
FIRST_AUTHENTICATION_FACTOR TEXT Method used to authenticate the user (the first factor, if using multi factor authentication).
SECOND_AUTHENTICATION_FACTOR TEXT The second factor, if using multi factor authentication, or NULL otherwise.
IS_SUCCESS TEXT Whether the user’s request was successful or not.
ERROR_CODE NUMBER Error code, if the request was not successful.
ERROR_MESSAGE TEXT Error message returned to the user, if the request was not successful.
RELATED_EVENT_ID NUMBER Reserved for future use.

Usage Notes

  • Latency for the view may be up to 120 minutes (2 hours).