This Account Usage view enables you to retrieve the history of data loaded into tables using the COPY INTO <table> command within the last 365 days (1 year). The view displays one row for each file loaded.


Column Name Data Type Description
TABLE_ID NUMBER Internal/system-generated identifier for the target table.
TABLE_NAME TEXT Name of target table.
SCHEMA_ID NUMBER Internal/system-generated identifier for the schema of the target table.
SCHEMA_NAME TEXT Schema of target table.
CATALOG_ID NUMBER Internal/system-generated identifier for the database of the target table.
CATALOG_NAME TEXT Database of target table.
FILE_NAME TEXT Name of source file.
LAST_LOAD_TIME TIMESTAMP_LTZ Date and time of the load record.
STATUS TEXT Status: loaded, load failed, or partially loaded.
ROW_COUNT NUMBER Number of rows loaded from the source file.
ROW_PARSED NUMBER Number of rows parsed from the source file.
FIRST_ERROR_MESSAGE TEXT First error of the source file
FIRST_ERROR_LINE_NUMBER NUMBER Line number of the first error
FIRST_ERROR_CHARACTER_POSITION NUMBER Position of the first error character
FIRST_ERROR_COL_NAME TEXT Column name of the first error
ERROR_COUNT NUMBER Number of error rows in the source file
ERROR_LIMIT NUMBER If the number of error reach this limit, then abort

Usage Notes

  • Latency for the view may be up to 90 minutes.

  • The view only includes COPY INTO commands that completed successfully, with or without errors. The view omits failed and canceled commands.

  • The historical data for COPY INTO commands is removed from the system when a table is dropped.

  • When including a WHERE clause that references the LAST_LOAD_TIME column, you can specify any day of the week. For example, April 1, 2016 was a Friday; however, specifying Sunday instead does not affect the query results:

    WHERE last_load_time > 'Sun, 01 Apr 2016 16:00:00 -0800'


Retrieve records for the 10 most recent COPY INTO commands executed:

SELECT * FROM snowflake.account_usage.load_history
  ORDER BY last_load_time DESC
  LIMIT 10;